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Between innovations – canceling a trip

Uber will increase safety due to coronovirus: how travel will change. Photo:

Uber Taxi and Food Delivery Service is introducing new security measures in Ukraine regarding the exemption of quarantine restrictions. From next week, all Uber users, drivers and couriers in Ukraine will be provided with special safety information and the task of checking compliance with security measures before travel.

Between innovations – Free trip canceled for security reasons. Users and drivers can cancel the trip without penalty if the other side does not wear a mask or other protective equipment. The company will also provide financial help Drivers and couriers with a diagnosis of COVID-19 – or who require self-isolation for a period of 14 days. It is clarified that such employees will not be able to enter the Uber application during this period.


What else is there to implement Uber?

  1. Verification of drivers: Drivers will be asked to confirm compliance with safety measures and pass verification in the application that they wear a mask
  2. Passenger Check: Passengers will be asked to confirm that they have taken a number of important safety measures recommended by health authorities, such as handling hands with a disinfectant before getting into the car, or taking a seat on the back seat of the car and ventilation. To open windows.
  3. Security cards: Security cards will be posted on drivers’ vehicles to remind all users of the safety rules associated with COVID-19.
  4. Disinfectant: Every driver in Ukraine can get a surface disinfectant or buy one and get reimbursement from Uber. The company said that next week it plans to transfer about 40 thousand sanitizers to Ukrainian drivers
  5. New options for feedback have been added to the Uber app, including the message that the driver or passenger does not have a mask. Whoever is repeatedly losing access to Uber applications has been flagged for violating our new security policy risks.
  6. Safety training materials: Safety tips and tricks specifically designed for sharing and food delivery services. They will be used to train users, drivers, couriers and restaurants.

According to a press release from the company, the new security measures will be available on Monday 18 May and will be valid by the end of June.

Uber is reported to have allocated $ 50 million worldwide to provide drivers and couriers with access to protective equipment, cleaning and germs during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Earlier, we wrote that from 3 June, the Uber Eats delivery service will stop operating in Ukraine, Czech Republic, Egypt, Honduras, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay and the United Arab Emirates. According to media reports, the company made such a decision due to the lack of a clear business plan for local leaders in local units. The letter sent to customers of the Uber Eats application clarifies that the company’s core business related to the search, calling and payment of taxis and private drivers will continue to operate without change.

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