Ukraine awaits death and frustration – Kiva urged to urgently change country leader



Ilya Kiva, a Ukrainian MP from the HMW faction, made extremely disappointing forecasts for Ukraine. He called for an urgent change in the president or the country awaits death and destruction.

Ilya Kiva
Ilya Kiva. Photo –

It is reported by “MFN”, with reference to Kiva’s statement, which is published on the party’s official website.

“The Ukrainians will perish and be destroyed with such a leader. We need a leader who can bring a country together, ”said Kiva.

He added that Ukraine urgently needs a strong leader who will have a priori a motivation to act in the interest of Ukraine. Without such a leader, there will be no order in the country, said the people’s deputy.

Kiva is extremely concerned that Zelensky is committing a series of acts which, according to Kiva, are necessary not for Ukraine but for the West and for Europe. He announced a brazen expansion of the West, which has already entered the second phase. The second phase means that the West introduces its people in the direction of Ukraine. As an example, he cites Mikheil Saakashvili’s return to power.

Recall that, as previously indicated, the Russian Federation is on the verge of great changes: mass demonstrations are being prepared.

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