Ukraine breaks fifth record on COVID-19 for day five



Ukraine beats on day five

Ukraine breaks fifth record on COVID-19 for day five

06/15.2020 11:22


In Ukraine, within five days, the incidence of coronavirus infection increased rapidly as a result of the abuse of quarantine by Ukrainians.

This is what Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov said during a briefing on June 15, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“For the past five days, we have observed the number of confirmed diseases at the level of more than 650 cases. In other words, we are setting” records “for the incidence rate … I would like to emphasize again: we are increasing the number of hospitalized and the number of people with pneumonia. All of this – a direct consequence of quarantine cancellation by people who have mixed quarantine mitigation and cancellation measures, “said Stepanov.

According to him, you can be convinced of the frivolous attitude of citizens to quarantine simply by looking on the street or by watching many videos on social networks on what is happening “including in clubs, elsewhere”.

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Responding to a question of clarification, are restrictive measures planned for citizens who massively violate the rules of social distance, Stepanov noted that administrative responsibility for the violation of quarantine is now provided for in Ukraine.

“We consider, among other things, the improvement of these things, but it seems to me that the main event for our fellow citizens should be their own understanding that we are ourselves responsible for our health, for our life, for health and of the lives of our loved ones. And if we don’t want sick people, then we have to respect the measures that are in the country, “said the minister.

Once again, he called on citizens to respect the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, for example, wear masks, use an antiseptic, maintain social distance, because the risk of infection is reduced as much as possible.

As reported, as of June 15, 31,810 cases of COVID-19 had been laboratory confirmed in Ukraine, of which 901 were fatal, 14,253 patients have recovered. 656 new cases were recorded per day.

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