Ukraine cannot become: UCP unexpectedly announced date for revenge of the Russian Federation



The Kiev metropolitan of the PTsU issued an important public warning about the approach of a new wave of Russian aggression. Ukraine expects a real revenge by Russian forces immediately after the detention of the fifth president, Petro Poroshenko, according to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The UCP called for an end to the persecution of the former president.

russian army
The army of the Russian Federation. Photo –

Reports on this subject “MFN”, with reference on the official UCP website.

The CTC is concerned about the increased activity of the pro-Russian media in terms of the dissemination of negative information about Poroshenko. The statement clearly underlines “the inadmissibility of any political motivation in the cases against Poroshenko”. It should be noted that the case against Poroshenko hides a danger for the whole of Ukrainian society.

“Under the conditions of the Russian aggression, political motivation in the cases against Poroshenko is extremely dangerous for the whole of Ukrainian society. The aggressor country waits for the moment when an internal conflict begins in Ukraine, then Russia will be happy to cause further damage to our state, “said the UCP website.

Recall, as previously indicated, that the “DPR” is preparing to restore “historic justice”: the terrorists have made a new statement on the fate of the Donbass.



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