Ukraine celebrates Day of Medical Workers



Ukraine celebrates Day of Medical Workers

Ukraine celebrates Day of Medical Workers

06/21.2020 10:05


The day of the medical worker is fixed by the presidential decree of June 3, 1994 and is celebrated every year, the third Sunday of June.

This day is a professional celebration for all those who have linked their lives to medicine. And it’s not just the doctors, but also the paramedics, the nurses. It is interesting to note that doctors still have the opportunity to celebrate twice a year – May 12, nurse’s day and the first Monday in October – International Doctor’s Day.

Ukraine has someone and something to be proud of. His contribution to the field of medicine is extremely important. Without scientific discoveries in the study of man and the preservation of his health made by exceptional compatriots, world science would be incomplete. Doctors and doctors in Ukraine, often risking their own lives, saved humanity from terrible epidemics and found methods to diagnose and treat serious illnesses. Domestic medicine is unthinkable without the names of Nikolai Amosov, Vladimir Betz, Alexander Bogomolets, Danila Zabolotny, Ilya Mechnikov, Nikolai Strazhesk. Many representatives of Ukrainian medicine, some of whom, having no opportunity to develop national science, were forced to work in a “foreign country”, while others, although they achieved remarkable success in their country of origin, remained unknown to the world and were ultimately forgotten in their country of origin.

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Today, Ukrainian doctors, as well as Ukrainian society, are going through difficult times: a pandemic of coronavirus infection, the war in the east of our country, the lack of money and the reform of the medical industry .

And just like the Ukrainian army, which, for the sixth consecutive year, protects us from the enemy in the east, Ukrainian doctors “hold out” in the foreground of the war for the life and health of Ukrainians.

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