Ukraine completes preparations to exceed COVID-19 peak – Shmygal



Ukraine completes preparations to exceed COVID-19 peak - Shmygal

Ukraine completes preparations to exceed COVID-19 peak – Shmygal

04/28.2020 22:07


Ukraine is completing the preparation of the medical system for the peak incidence of coronaviruses and is ready for the next step – stabilization of the economic situation.

Prime Minister Denis Shmygal said this at a meeting of the Economic Development Council of Ukraine on Tuesday April 28, according to the press service of the CMU.

“The next peak in the incidence rate, if it is, the medical system will be prepared. The market is saturated with personal protective equipment, hospitals are ready, people are disciplined to comply with health standards. Now the government will focus on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and stabilizing the economic situation, “he said. Prime Minister

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Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Igor Petrashko, Deputy Director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, Secretary of the Council Yaroslav Zhalilo, Director of the MV Ptukhi Institute of Demography and Social Research of the National Academy of Ukrainian science Ella Libanova, principal investigator, Atlantic Council of the USA, attended the meeting. Anders Aslund, Advisor to the President of Ukraine Oleg Ustenko, Capital Times Managing Partner Eric Nyman, Columbia University Professor Willem Buiter and Lecturer in Economics and Finance and the Kiev-Mohyla Business School Eugene Pentsak .

The meeting participants discussed the five stages of quarantine submitted by the government.

In particular, they focused on the fact that one of the main factors for economic recovery should be the increase in PCR tests – up to 10,000 per day.

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Shmygal said that next week the government plans to approve a decree on the operation of the early stages of quarantine.

“So far we are reaching the peak that the National Academy of Sciences expects to be scheduled from May 3 to May 8. However, the government has a relaxation plan. And we will confirm how the first steps will be implemented so that businesses and citizens have the opportunity to prepare for this in advance, “he said.

The chairs of the parliamentary committees also attended the meeting. In particular, the chairman of the BP committee on economic development Dmitry Natalukha, the chairman of the BP committee on budgetary matters Yuri Aristov, the chairman of the BP committee on humanitarian and information policy Alexander Tkachenko.

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The Prime Minister stressed the importance of cooperation between the government and Parliament in the development of initiatives related to support for entrepreneurs.

Photo: CMU

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