Ukraine does not yet have such a weak power: Yaroslav Hrytsak



The events of the past few months in Ukraine have prompted many Ukrainians to reflect on the situation in the country, their choice, the professionalism of the authorities and what lies ahead.

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Professor Yaroslav Gritsak.
In Ukraine, weak and unprofessional power: Hrytsak. Photo:

In the difficult period of the coronavirus pandemic in Ukraine, not only medical problems were revealed, but also an impending power crisis.

A well-known analyst, professor at the Ukrainian Catholic University Yaroslav Hrytsak, shared his opinion on the processes under way in our country.

According to him, Ukraine finds itself in a situation where democracy turns into anarchy. The measures of the city are associated with the princes and do not meet the requirements of the central authorities, the football ultras call for the general mobilization of protest movements to defend an activist accused of murder.

And on the president’s side, there is no reaction. Zelensky changes ministers from time to time, trying “Prevent a sharp drop in grade.”

All this, according to Gritsak, testifies to the lack of professionalism of the current government.

“I don’t see that this power can deal with all the impending problems”, – said the expert.

Ukrainian authorities, according to the analyst, “Depends on the rating” and therefore weak.

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