Ukraine gets to work: Cabinet announces plan to end quarantine



The Cabinet of Ministers has developed a strategy to phase out quarantine in Ukraine.

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Ukraine gets to work.
Cabinet announced a plan to complete the quarantine. Photo:

According to the cabinet plan, until the beginning of May, Ukraine will live in an emergency. In early May-June, restrictions on the operation of public transport will be partially lifted. It is planned to create 500,000 new jobs and launch credit support for small and medium-sized businesses.

“In May, Ukraine should go to work. Under what conditions, under what new social norms, within what deadline are these questions on which the government is working with analysts ”, – said Shmygal.

In June-July, as indicated in the Cabinet strategy, the 2019-2020 academic year will end, the work of public transport will be restored according to the new rules, the restriction of visits to leisure areas will be lifted and the conditions self-isolation of the elderly will be weakened.

Earlier, it was reported that astrologers called the zodiac signs, which are most likely to be infected with a coronavirus infection.

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