Ukraine has again become the main target of Russian disinformation – EUvsDisinfo



Ukraine has again become the main target of Russian disinformation - EUvsDisinfo

Ukraine has again become the main target of Russian disinformation – EUvsDisinfo

05/28.2020 19:51


Russian propagandists have returned to information attacks on Ukraine, which have gone beyond speculation around “world government”, “conspiracy against coronaviruses” and even conspiracy theories about the “evil” western russophobia number of references to the main resources of the Kremlin.

This was announced Thursday in a regular weekly review of the European publication EUvsDisinfo, published under the auspices of the European External Action Service and specialized in denouncing false information directed against European citizens.

“This week, pro-Kremlin misinformation came back in one of my favorite punching bags – Ukraine. In addition to chewing old chewing gum – about Euromaidan following the “nationalist conspiracy” of the West, denial of the annexation of Crimea and accusations against the EU which “uses” l ‘Ukraine – Kremlin publications have used a new creator in attacks on the country, which even six years after the illegal annexation of Crimea is suffering from conflict,’ the publication notes.

The authors give several examples of such lies and manipulation. In particular, referring to the neutral OSCE report of May 9 on the injuries of four children in eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin media assumed the role of arbitrators and accused the Ukrainian army of deliberately bombing children. The Ukrainian military has also been unjustly accused of raping an American photojournalist in the Donbass.

Most of these counterfeits were aimed at undermining confidence in the Ukrainian government and President Zelensky, accused of all sins – of Ukraine’s intentions to attack the Donbass to sabotage peace negotiations to resolve the conflict. Kremlin publications in one feed provided information on the hunger riots that divided the country, as well as the migrants Ukraine allegedly voluntarily brought into the Donbass to quickly transfer them to Europe. All of this, of course, was accompanied by propaganda tales that Ukraine is a puppet of the United States, who “sleep and see” how to take control of Crimea and make political meetings in Ukraine itself .

“Of course, the CIA could not do without it – it was she who ordered Zelensky to extend the sanctions and even block access to Russian social networks. Although in fact such a decision was taken by the National Security Council of Ukraine for very understandable reasons, “recall the authors of the review.

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Attacks on Ukraine, EUvsDisinfo observed, peaked on May 9. Ukraine and other so-called “Russophobic” countries, Kremlin propagandists shamelessly accused of “historical revisionism”. Ukraine has been accused of banning the celebration of Victory Day, “Russophobic” attacks on historic memory, national degradation and disrespect for veterans. In the same context, Poland and the Baltic states “went” for allegedly downplaying the role of the USSR in the fight against Nazism, and even the Belarusian opposition for trying to disrupt the parade in Minsk, of course , on behalf of the Department of State.

“About World War II, pro-Kremlin publications stubbornly adhere to the classic distracting tactics of misinformation: blaming others for what they accuse you of.” In such a turn, the West is already guilty of historical revisionism and renunciation of the truth by increased attention to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. If anyone is to be remembered, it was this pact that divided Europe into spheres of influence between the Nazis and the Soviet forces, led to five decades of communist totalitarianism in Eastern Europe, suffering and unprecedented pain that the Kremlin never wanted to admit, “says EUvsDisinfo. .

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