Ukraine has no plans to open paid prisons – Ministry of Justice



Ukraine has no plans to open paid prisons - Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice has no plans to introduce paid prisons in Ukraine.

This was announced by Justice Minister Denis Malyuka on Radio NV, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“There are no plans to pay the prisons for various reasons. The practice of paying prisons is not a remand center, but where people who have been convicted, criminals are detained, there is such a practice in Britain, in the United States, we don’t like it not for two reasons, ”said Malyuska.

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In particular, he said, detention in private prisons in the United Kingdom and the United States is cheaper than in state prisons. “Because the company is trying to save, it is more efficient and the state is less efficient and, therefore, spends more money. For the state, there will be more incentives to send people there because it is cheap, ”said the Minister of Justice.

The second reason, according to Malyushka, is that “there are lobbyists to prevent a decrease in the prison population, a company that has invested in prisons”.

As Ukrinform reported, at a meeting on April 23, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the implementation of a pilot project for paid service aimed at improving the living conditions and food of detainees in the centers of the provisional detention of the Criminal Executive Service of Ukraine.

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