Ukraine introduces restorative justice program for minors



Ukraine introduces restorative justice program for minors

Ukraine is introducing a restorative justice program for minors suspected for the first time of having committed minor or average crimes.

Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova and Minister of Justice Denis Malyuka signed a joint order to introduce the principle of restorative justice for minors at the national level, reports the press service of the Office of the Prosecutor General.

“We have to protect the children who first tripped to get on the platform. Minors have to reconcile with the victim, social services and psychologists – to adjust their behavior. The prosecutor then goes to court and a positive decision is made regarding the release of the child from his responsibility. According to preliminary calculations, the implementation of such a project throughout Ukraine will allow the removal of more than 1,500 children from criminal proceedings, “said the Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova.

So far, the project has been a pilot project and, with the help of the UNICEF Fund, has operated in six regions of Ukraine: Donetsk, Lugansk, Lvov, Nikolaev, Odessa and Kharkov. During the year of its implementation, juvenile prosecutors have already involved 137 adolescents before this program. Out of 60 children, positive judicial decisions have already been taken.

“This project has helped adolescents to improve and has made them realize that it is impossible to solve material problems just by committing crimes. Therefore, there is every reason to introduce it throughout Ukraine. In collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, we are preparing legislative amendments which would enshrine the principle of restorative justice at the legislative level and, in the future, would also provide for the abolition of criminal records of minors who have undergone such rehabilitation ”, said Deputy Attorney General Gunduz Mammadov, who coordinates the work of the juvenile branch. central level.

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The Attorney General’s Office is currently examining improvements to the concept of creating a full-fledged juvenile justice system. Another area is the fight against violence against children, working with minors who are victims of crime and witnesses to crimes. Until the end of the year, the pilot plans to introduce new approaches to question injured children on a “one-off” basis: an interrogation, one side of the process – the investigating judge or investigator, to a stage of the preliminary investigation.

Photo: Office of the Attorney General.

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