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47 thousand couriers in Kiev, delivery costs – from 70 UAH launched a separate application to deliver goods from stores and pharmacies as well as to transfer packages to each other. This is due to a huge increase in the load on postal operators and couriers – only in Kabnik the number of delivery orders increased by 30% (compared with February) in March and continues to increase.

The application works as follows. The client writes as to what, where, where and when it delivers. Independently or with the help of service tips, he determines the price he is willing to pay for the service. After that, the hog selects a specialist who will fulfill the order. Couriers have ratings based on feedback from previous customers.

Olga Soroka
Head of Marketing, Cabanchikeo

The cost starts from 70 hryvnia for foot delivery or from 90 if the courier is using personal transport. If the order is urgent or there are additional orders for the courier then the price will be higher. The average cost of courier delivery in March at Kabanchik is 130 hryvnias. The company notes that prices also depend on weather, demand, and services that couriers can perform in parallel. For example, couriers are often asked not only to give something from point A to point B, but also to buy food, flowers, or gifts.

The client pays the courier directly. At the same time, Kubnik insures the transaction for 1000 herders. You can also pay via the Bank Transfer website via bank transfer, and when the customer has confirmed that the order has been completed, the courier will receive the money. Now this option is only available on the web, and will appear in the application soon.

Remember that Kabachiko is an online service ordering service, a project of EVO group companies (,,,,,, ). Here, experts find a side job, and clients find craftsmen for all occasions.

Paypal magazine help

Ukrainians began to pay more actively with cards for delivery of goods by couriers. Therefore, from March 16 to March 23, the number of courier delivery payments via PrivatBank’s portable mini POS terminals increased by 54%, and by 86% over the previous month, the financial institution’s press service reported.

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