Ukraine is not yet ready for mass events – Zelensky



The head of state, during a conference call on the fight against coronaviruses, noted that Ukraine did not in vain impose strict quarantine.

Quarantine in Ukraine
Quarantine in Ukraine. Stock Photo –

About this writes “MFN”, referring to president’s website.

“We understand that the weakening of quarantine is a salvation for the economy. But the virus has not disappeared and we are all in danger. The tough quarantine that we introduced in early March was not in vain: we saved many lives. “

At the same time, Zelensky noted, people still get sick and, unfortunately, die from complications caused by COVID-19:

“We no longer want to introduce strict restrictions, so we remind you to wear a mask and maintain a social distance in public places. I should also note that at the moment Ukraine is not ready to resume mass entertainment events. “

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