Ukraine joins the DPR: five joint projects for the country’s livelihoods


Ukrainian military



The Ukrainian authorities have agreed with the “DPR” on five joint projects which could significantly improve the situation in the country. Prepare for first line repairs.

Ukrainian military
Ukrainian military. Stock Photo –

It is reported by “DAN“, Reports” MFN “.

“The DPR representatives in the JCCC have agreed with the Ukrainian authorities to carry out the most important repairs at one time in five livelihood facilities in the country,” said the DPR statement.

As a result, employees of the utility company “Enterprise” Donbass Water “will be able to start repairing the water supply system in a number of villages across the country. The two sides agreed to temporarily stop the bombing in the areas where the work will be carried out. Activities will take place in the mine village named after Gagarin, in the village of Zaitsevo, Rybalko and Obruchev.

In addition, thanks to the agreement, it has become possible to restore the electricity supply. It should be noted that the “Regional Regional Supply Company” is responsible for activities in this area.

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