Ukraine lacks 9 world digital services


Ukrainians still cannot use a taxi from Lyft, leaving recommendations on music and Yelp from Spotify

It is time to catch up with the world: there is a shortage of 9 digital services that are in Ukraine. Photo: Ikusi Reds

In Ukraine a few years ago there was an initiative to invite PayPal into the country, it was supported at the level of NBU and Ministry of Finance, but nothing came of it. Now the topic “Bringing PayPal to Ukraine” has been raised again. Regarding this, in particular, the Deputy Minister for Digital Transformation Alexander Bornyakov writes. He once again raised the subject of “PayPal in Ukraine” – attempts were made to bring the payment system into the country several times, but so far each of them has failed. But in the comments under an official post, users talked about the digital services that are lacking in Ukraine:

  1. PayPal If the company launched an opportunity for Ukrainians to accept money in the account, it would facilitate the lives of Ukrainian freelancers and entrepreneurs who work with foreign customers.
  2. Service recommendations Yelp. Here, users leave feedback on the work of restaurants, cafes, clubs and other entertainment services.
  3. Lyft service. In the US, it is one of Uber’s main competitors.
  4. Etsy craft merchandise sales platform. It sells handmade goods, handmade gifts, hand sewing, jewelry etc. Earlier, we had given instructions on how Ukrainian manufacturers enter this platform and make money.
  5. Game service Microsoft Xbox. In recent years, the number of payers in Ukraine has increased a lot. A PSN, a store and a service for gamers-owners of GameStation are already running in the country.
  6. Music streaming service Spotify. Rumors about its introduction in Ukraine regularly arise, but the service has not yet made any real announcement about it.
  7. AliExpress Online Supermarket. It is one of the most popular foreign online stores in Ukraine. According to the data Nova Poshta, the Ukrainians order 2.6 tons of goods per day from there. Also in the Ukrainian ecommerce market, there were rumors that AliExpress was launching the issue in the country.
  8. Revolut is a financial service that operates as an online bank. Feature – The service removes all payments for currency exchange, so that you can send, exchange and spend money around the world at no extra charge. The news was that the service is planned to enter the Ukrainian market in 2020.
  9. Stripe online payment service.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Recall, Ukrposhta together with international logistics operator Tsainyao (owned by Cainiao Network, Alibaba Group) launched charter cargo flights to Ukraine for fast delivery of parcels. The new flights will provide quick transportation of AliExpress orders in quarantine. Air routes from cities began with Europe’s largest Caniao distribution centers.

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