Ukraine must be united – Peskov made unexpected statement on the fate of Donbas



Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson Dmitri Peskov made an important statement about the plight of Donbas. He publicly expressed the Kremlin’s position on hostilities. According to him, the Russian Federation is ready to work for Ukraine to become united again.

Dmitry Peskov
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It is reported by “MK“, Reports” NPF “.

Peskov refused to recognize the conflict in Donbas as a war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. He stressed that the Russian Federation still considers this to be an internal conflict in Ukraine. At the same time, he said that the Russian Federation wished to support Ukraine in order to resolve this conflict.

“We are all ready to work to make Ukraine a single state again, where this terrible internal conflict will finally end,” said Peskov.

Peskov stressed that the “DPR” and the “LPR” are self-proclaimed republics, but that does not mean that the Donbass will secede from Ukraine. He said that Ukrainian journalists were often wrong on this subject and urged Ukrainians to believe in the sincerity of the desire of the Russian Federation to return the territory of Donbas to Ukraine.

Recall, as noted above, that Russia has taken a new step in the annexation of Ukraine: the realities of Crimea can change radically.



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