Ukraine must not choose between 8 and 9 May – Drobovich



Ukraine must not choose between 8 and 9 May - Drobovich

Ukraine must not choose between 8 and 9 May – Drobovich

07/05.2020 21:55


Today, Ukraine must not choose between May 8 and May 9 – Day of Remembrance, Reconciliation and Victory.

This opinion was expressed by the director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Anton Drobovich during the online discussion “With a shield or on a shield: what is 8 and 9 May for modern Ukraine ? ”, Reports a correspondent from Ukrinform.

“May 8 – the European model of remembrance – is completely natural for Ukraine. On May 9, Victory Day, it was a difficult war, so many millions of people died, it cannot either to be taken and crossed out. What should we do here? What should the state and society do? We must not say: it is bad, but it is good. We must say: we have such a cultural practice and such cultural practice. Let’s harmonize them, understand why these people are in favor of this, and these – for that. And we can’t say: add May 8 and then about we’re going to change 9. We have to put all the cards on the table and say: this is such a difficult reality. Until society decides over time, people will honestly say that we choose this model or that, “said Drobovich.

At the same time, he recalled that in a study presented yesterday by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation, a study showed that most Ukrainians are ready to celebrate May 8 and 9.

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“This means that the majority of Ukrainian society is ready to admit that the Nazis and the Communists were also involved in the outbreak of the war. On the other hand, the double celebrations – 8 and 9 – are both European models and Soviet. And the official motto of those days “Remember. We win “, in fact, combines these two models: on the one hand, on victory, on the other, on memory … it’s a very interesting story how it will end. Because it seems that in Ukraine we are on the verge of finally forming our vision, “said Drobovich.

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