Ukraine needs NATO missiles due to threats from Russia – expert



Ukraine needs NATO missiles due to threats from Russia - expert

Ukraine needs NATO missiles due to threats from Russia – expert

06/26.2020 04:13


Ukraine has to buy missiles from NATO because of threats from Russia.

This was stated by the director of the Center for Research on the Army, Disarmament and Conversion, Valentin Badrak, during a round table discussion at Ukrinform “Ukraine-NATO relations in the context of the situation security in the Black Sea region ”.

“Ukraine needs missiles today, including British missiles. And considering one of the options for such a purchase. How far is the UK, for example, ready to sell the missiles we really need today? – Badrak turned to the representative of the British Embassy in Ukraine, a participant in the round table, without specifying what missiles Ukraine needed.

According to him, NATO’s need for weapons stems from “Russia’s ever-increasing unpredictability”.

“In fact, Putin has proclaimed the possibility of using weapons against non-nuclear states. And Ukraine was in the eyes of the Russian Federation. We think this is the most dangerous moment when Putin’s power will be further spread and this unpredictability will increase, “said Badrak.

In his opinion, the West could be interested, “so that Ukraine looks like a powerful well-armed showcase of the Western world”.

“In this way, Ukraine would also attract Russian citizens as a country that has recovered and is transforming into a prosperous country. And so that we can deter with the help of NATO, ”noted the expert.

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He also believes that Ukraine’s entry into NATO should be an “asymmetric step” in response to the Russian aggression and that a joint unit with NATO should be created in the Black Sea region.

“Political asymmetry could be Ukraine’s entry into NATO. If we talk about more local things, we think it would be politically appropriate to create a joint Ukrainian naval unit with the NATO countries and to conduct joint patrols and joint demonstration actions, “said Badrak.

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