Ukraine quarantine format may change after May 11 – Shmygal



After May 11, the relaxation of quarantine measures in Ukraine should begin. But as the danger of spreading the coronavirus remains, the government proposes to move to adaptive quarantine.

Denis Shmygal
Denis Shmygal. Stock Photo –

This statement was made by Denis Shmygal at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, writes “MFN” referring to “UNIAN“.

According to the Prime Minister, after May 11, hardening quarantine measures cannot be introduced throughout the country, but only in regions where there will be an epidemic of coronavirus:

“Yesterday at the Economic Development Conference we spoke to wiring specialists. They supported the cabinet plan and the idea of ​​introducing adaptive quarantine. In other words, we are going to tighten up quarantine in the regions where there will be an epidemic of the disease, and not throughout the country. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that Shmygal had responded earlier to a request to speed up quarantine.

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