Ukraine quarantined: Klimenko says police will not allow looting



Ukraine quarantined: Klimenko says police will not allow looting

Law enforcement officials are ready for any developments in the Ukraine, including the looting demonstrations.

The national police chief, Igor Klimenko, said this during an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

Responding to the question of whether there were any looting in Ukraine, he noted: “Not yet. But, frankly, we are ready for any development of the situation.”

According to Klimenko, the security police are now actively working – mainly with the heads of retail chains – to prevent looting.

“We are technically strengthening the points of sale and, at the same time, we understand what forces and means will have to be used to respond quickly and effectively to these challenges,” said the chief of the national police.

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He added that the police are monitoring the situation in the criminal environment, as well as among the categories of citizens who, after some time, will no longer have a means of subsistence.

“That is to say that we are talking about the integrated work of the police both in the criminal and preventive directions. While we study the situation, we react with precision, we work quickly on the criminal world”, summed up Klimenko.

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