Ukraine ready to produce coronavirus drugs: doctors call on authorities to take risky action





The Ukrainian pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa” has announced plans to start producing effective drugs for the treatment of coronaviruses. Similar drugs are already used in several countries. However, obtaining a production permit can take years. The doctors are asking the authorities to take responsibility and speed up the process.

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It is reported by “Censor.NO“, Reports” MFN “.

“We reliably know that many countries are using the drug“ chloroquine ”in the fight against coronavirus. It is lacking in the world. Some countries have already banned the export of this product abroad. Our national pharmacology “Darnitsa” claims to be able to establish the production of this drug in our country, but for legal production, they must conduct numerous preliminary studies and obtain approval of the protocols. After that, you still have to get a lot of signatures and go through the bureaucratic apparatus, “said doctor Evgeny Komarovsky.

He calls on the country’s leaders to facilitate this process and to take responsibility for the accelerated pace of drug production.

Recall, as previously mentioned, that the coronavirus reacts in a particular way to global warming: scientists have given new recommendations to society.

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