Ukraine should prepare for such forest fires as in Australia – expert



Ukraine should prepare for such forest fires as in Australia - expert

Ukraine should prepare for such forest fires as in Australia – expert

04/28.2020 19:37


Due to climate change, Ukraine should prepare to fight massive forest fires, such as Australia and the United States.

This opinion was expressed in an interview with Ukrinform by the director of the Regional Fire Monitoring Center of Eastern Europe, Sergey Zibtsev.

“By government decision, the state emergency ministry will now allocate 145 million hryvnias. But the state emergency service is in liquidation, and first of all we need funds to prevent emergencies Finally, we must understand: the climate has changed, we are already living in the north of the Odessa region, in the dry steppe “or a forest-steppe climate with strong winds. If our fire stations do not know how to deal with the forest fires that we have already seen in Australia, Portugal, the United States, then we must rebuild and prepare for new challenges, “said Zibtsev.

The expert believes that meteorologists should be asked to assist the state emergency services, which should forecast the level of fire danger in the forests, as well as to use fire aviation.

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“But the main thing, nevertheless, is to create a mobile fire brigade with a helicopter until July, which will fly towards the call, whatever the ground: forests, flood plain, peat. And to react instantly as soon as the fire has occupied 1000 hectares and 5- fire risk class (I hope this will be indicated by the Ukrhydrometcentre nevertheless.) This will save a lot of money. It also takes off fairly quickly, but the flight without a clear interaction protocol with a qualified group of firefighters and without ground support is not so effective, “the center director.

According to Zibtsev, a universal authority should act in Ukraine, which would report daily on the scene and the area of ​​the fires.

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The center director also noted that the training that is currently being organized for firefighters often does not have a lasting effect. “Our center has tried to provide training in Chernobyl. But if the vertical does not force workers to implement what we give them, it is a waste of time: we organized the training, but the people have forgotten, nobody needs anything. We have specialists and competent. ” structures, but we now need to restructure their work according to the risks ”, is convinced the expert.

According to Zibtsev, the state needs an inter-ministerial structure to respond to forest fires. In status, he must be superior to the ministry or department and work under the supervision of the government, under the personal supervision of the Prime Minister or the President.

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