Ukraine to allow charter flights for zarobitchans – Pristayko



Ukraine to allow charter flights for zarobitchans - Pristayko

Ukraine to allow charter flights for zarobitchans – Pristayko

05/01.2020 20:16


One of the conditions for foreign partners who invite our seasonal workers is to provide them with medical insurance.

This was stated during a briefing by Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine Vadim Priestayko, reports a correspondent from Ukrinform.

“One of the conditions I have already discussed with our foreign partners was that Ukrainians should have health insurance. In other words, if a person is sick for various reasons, he should be treated where he is, where he is safe, where the quality of the drugs is high. In each case, in the end, the person makes the decision – where they want to be treated, how, ”said Pristayko.

He added that the network of foreign diplomatic institutions was providing assistance in this area and that they were ready to continue this work.

Pristayko also noted that the conditions of employment of our citizens abroad should have been agreed several decades ago.

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“It so happens that we are discussing with the governments of foreign countries the issue that we should have been talking about, probably 20 to 30 years ago, how our workers, the Ukrainians, are supplied abroad, comfort and the security of their living conditions. . This discussion must have taken place a long time ago. God grant that now, after understanding our mistakes, we have corrected this, ”said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Pristayko also noted that the government should ensure the security of its citizens, decent living conditions and a safe return home.

“What the government is doing is developing an algorithm that we will allow anyone who wants to go abroad to use. We expect that, at first, there is an organized process. The airlines, especially the UIA, are ready to connect. We’re talking about charter flights, procedures, how people will come together, get medical check-ups, sightings and everything else, ” added Pristayko.

As Ukrinform reported, representatives from several countries are already negotiating the arrival of Ukrainians for seasonal work, including Israel, Finland, Austria, Germany and the countries bordering Ukraine.

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