Ukraine under threat: Suprun has given important instructions to the Ministry of Health



Ulyana Suprun intends to make adjustments to Ukrainian medicine. Former interim The Minister of Health has entrusted the current management of the Ministry of Health. Suprun is convinced that it will be able to save Ukraine with its reforms.

Uliana Suprun.
Uliana Suprun. Photo –

Reports on this subject “MFN”, with reference to an open letter from Suprun to Minister Maxim Stepanov.

It called on the Ukrainian authorities to stop making adjustments to its reforms and to concentrate instead all their efforts on correcting the unsuccessful implementation of its expert reformist ambitions.

She strongly opposed raising doctors’ salaries, noting that this would only make the situation worse.

“The lack of funding is going nowhere. In medical terms, salary increases are pain relievers that do not solve the cause of an illness. If you decide to increase the salaries of doctors, it will help them for a while, but in this case, you will have to pay higher wages next year, which is detrimental to the Ukrainian economy, “said Suprun .

She is sure that Ukraine is unable to pay specialists for a long time and that any payment will affect the salaries that will remain in the future. She believes that the country should continue to reduce the number of doctors and increase funding only locally, to adapt to the demands of the reform.

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