Ukraine will no longer have 10 hryvnia notes


What does it look like and when will the replacement for old money appear

There will no longer be 10 hryvnia notes in Ukraine. Photo:

The National Bank of Ukraine is preparing to issue a coin with a face value of 10 UAH. New money will come into force on June 3, 2020. Gradually, the 10-hryvnia banknote will be introduced into circulation by the coins, as stated on the NBU website.

It is noted that the introduction of a new coin in vogue is associated with the adaptation and update of Hryvnia’s banknote-coin series, which has been in operation since 2014.

From the message of the National Bank of Ukraine

How to exchange 10-hryvnia banknotes for coins

According to the National Bank, Ukrainians are not required to exchange 10-hryvnia banknotes for coins. Citizens will be able to pay unlimited periods simultaneously with new coins and initial banknotes. Banknotes will be discontinued as a result of normal wear and tear.


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On 25 February, the National Bank introduced a new type of 200-hryvnia banknotes, which would gradually replace the old bills in circulation. Ukrainians will not need to exchange banknotes with face values ​​of 200 hryvnias of 2007 models for newcomers. With the old bills it would be possible to pay for unlimited time, gradually they would withdraw from circulation due to natural depreciation, the NBU emphasized.

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