Ukraine will save billions through quarantine


$ 5 billion will not leave Ukraine for Turkey, Egypt and other resort countries

Cabinet called an unexpected plus quarantine: how Ukraine will save billions

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Denis Shimgal said that according to the government’s estimate, Ukrainians’ spending on foreign trips would decrease by $ 5 billion during 2020. Savings are possible due to quarantine and closed borders.

According to Shimgal, the reduction in expenses on foreign travel should compensate for the significant labor shortage for Ukrainian immigrants who previously sent foreign currency from abroad, but returned home in the last month.

“According to our estimates, up to $ 5 billion in heat will not leave Turkey, Egypt and so on for Ukraine during the Turkish season. Therefore, such a natural compensator works by itself,” Shimgal said.

The Prime Minister also noted that the cash flow of Ukrainian workers could be halved in 2020 by the end of 2020. In 2019, Zarobitchers transferred $ 12.017 billion to Ukraine.

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Recall, the National Bank published a weekly review of the banking sector with information on the level of financial stress during the acute phase of the crisis resulting from the coronovirus epidemic.

According to published data, the increase in the financial stress index was short-lived and was largely due to an increase in yields of government securities. The local maximum was recorded on 24 March, after which stress levels are gradually decreasing.

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