Ukraine’s economy cannot endure hard second quarantine – Tkachenko



Ukraine's economy cannot endure hard second quarantine - Tkachenko

Ukraine’s economy cannot endure hard second quarantine – Tkachenko

06/18.2020 23:33


Ukrainians should more consciously observe safety rules in the context of the spread of coronavirus infection, since the transfer of quarantine to an even harder regime, the Ukrainian economy cannot bear it.

This was noted by the Minister of Culture and Information Policy, Alexander Tkachenko, on the evening air of the 1 + 1 channel on Thursday, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“The economy of Ukraine will not support the second quarantine. We are losing money not only in the creative industries, in tourism, we are losing a lot of billions of money. And of course you have to start with yourself and the responsibility has to be, ”said Tkachenko.

He is surprised by the attitude of people towards basic safety rules: the absence of protective masks in public places and the lack of respect for social distance. “When I see the lack of masks in the Verkhovna Rada, when I see people jumping on dance floors, we can go into second quarantine,” added the official.

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As Ukrinform reported, since March 12, the government has introduced quarantine in Ukraine to combat the spread of coronavirus infections. In particular, the work of the metro in Kiev, Kharkov and the Dnieper, the circulation of land transport in cities have been stopped.

The first relaxation of quarantine restrictions in Ukraine began on May 11.

From May 22, Ukraine announced the next step in the weakening of quarantine. The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to introduce adaptive quarantine in Ukraine from May 22 to June 22.

On June 17, the government extended adaptive quarantine until July 31.

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