Ukraine’s success depends on IMF: Poroshenko names main weapon against Kremlin



Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine’s success depended on IMF funding. It is certain that without material assistance, Ukraine will be faced with default and an offensive by the Russian army.

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It is reported by “Censor.NO“, Reports” MFN “.

“For Ukraine, it is not a question of development, but of survival. It should be noted that new loans will be used to cover the budget deficit. Ukraine is unable to pay pensions in full independently; we have a large deficit in the pension fund. You have to be honest with your own people – we have no money to pay you pensions. In addition, the unemployed need financial assistance, which requires large sums of money. The crisis and the lack of financial savings force us to turn to our partners for help. You cannot leave people without a livelihood. Ukraine will be able to resist and prevent the advance of the Russian Federation, “said Poroshenko.

As a reminder, as previously mentioned, Gordon announced the reason for the activation of troops from the Russian Federation: a serious confrontation is brewing.

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