Ukrainian authorities to hold another referendum on the Crimea issue – Poklonskaya



The “ex-prosecutor” of the annexed Crimea, and now the illegitimate deputy of the Russian State Duma, believes that the Kiev official, instead of mourning the loss of the peninsula, should hold another referendum.

Natalya Poklonskaya
Natalia Poklonskaya. Stock Photo –

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “RIA News“.

Certainly, this time, the referendum should take place in Ukraine and the authorities should ask people if they support the “endless groans over the occupation of Crimea”:

“If official Kiev wants to know the opinion of the Ukrainians, then let it organize a referendum asking: do they support this overused song about the occupation or do they want the state to take care of their well-being and take back the relations with Russia. “

As Poklonskaya noted, Ukraine must build its future and forget about Crimea, because the locals themselves have decided to be part of the Russian Federation. In addition, the capture of Crimea, she believes, is the consequence of the “transfer of state” in 2013-2014:

“The Ukrainian authorities can only criticize the choice of the Crimeans. It does not matter that the Ukrainians are fed up with feeding the deputies who are only talking about the annexation of the peninsula. I am sure that if we asked the Ukrainians if they supported such endless harassment of politicians, the answer would be negative. “

We will remind, earlier we wrote that Poklonskaya wrote a letter to the people’s deputy Goncharenko.



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