Ukrainian banks continue to close branches: how many networks have shrunk


The leader in the number of closed branches is Oschedbank, and its branch network is the largest in Ukraine


In April-June, Ukrainian banks reduced the number of structural units from 304 – 7.58 thousand. The NBU has given its proof.

It has been reported that Oschadbank closed 174 branches in the second quarter of the year, followed by Privetbank 58, Raiffeisen Bank Aval 23, Alpha Bank 18, Ukragsbank Nine and Credit Dreductor Eight.

At the same time, in the same period, FUIB expanded its regional network to 11 branches, A-Bank and AccordBank opened five branches each, Pivadeni Bank three and Alliance Bank two.

As of July 1, 2020, Oshdbank continues to lead in terms of number of branches – 2.097 thousand, Privitbank (1.833 thousand) is in second place, Raisen Bank Aval (456) is in third place (Ukrasbank (282) fourth and Ugrabank fourth. (248) occupies the fourth position.

In one branch, in the first quarter, it works with Prominvestbank (PIB), Familny Bank, BTA Bank, as well as Trust Capital and Credit Europe banks, according to the regulator.

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Earlier it was reported that in the last one year PrivatBank has risen to 262 in the global ranking of the TOP-1000 World Banks, published for 50 years, by The Banker, a British magazine. In 2020, PrivatBank immediately rose from 708 to 446 positions in the list of the world’s best financial institutions.

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