Ukrainian consulates in Ankara and Istanbul resumed



Ukrainian consulates in Ankara and Istanbul resumed

Ukrainian consulates in Ankara and Istanbul resumed


05/27.2020 16:38


The Consulate of the Embassy of Ukraine in Ankara and the Consulate General in Istanbul have resumed consular services taking into account security requirements. The Ukrainian consulate in Antalya resumed work on May 20.

This was reported by the correspondent from Ukrinform in Turkey.

“We have resumed the consular reception, suspended more than 2 months ago in connection with the global epidemic of coronavirus. Citizens of Ukraine, to get an appointment, you must go through an appointment. On the one hand, this is a disadvantage, on the other hand, a positive moment – no queues. The live queue is a thing of the past, at least for a while, “Boris Yasinsky, head of the consular service at the Ukrainian Embassy in the Republic of Turkey, told Ukrinform.

Ukrainian consulates in Ankara and Istanbul resumed

Resumption of admission to the Ukrainian Consulate General in Istanbul / Photo: Consulate General

Ukrainian consulates in Ankara and Istanbul resumed

Ukrainian consulates in Ankara and Istanbul resumed

Ukrainian consulates in Ankara and Istanbul resumed

The preliminary registration takes place online, after which the SMS arrives with the date and time of the visit. The consulate will welcome around 10 people a day.

The consul noted that during the forced break in the work of the consular offices, the citizens had accumulated a lot of questions requiring in particular urgent decision. “There are times when you can’t do without the help of the consulate to get a document. For example, if a citizen wants to get married in Turkey, to certify a document, people need passports, temporary documents to return to Ukraine, ”added Yasinsky.

At the entrance of the consular offices of Ukraine in Turkey, sanitizers are installed, thermal monitoring is carried out. Visitors must have a face shield.

“Today, we resumed admission according to the usual pre-quarantine calendar, also by appointment. Ads posted a week ago. Everything works, no queues. The COVID-19 proliferation control requirements are met. If the visitor does not have a mask, we give them the ones we have, ”Alexander Gaman, Consul General of Ukraine in Istanbul, told Ukrinform.

At the Consulate General, two windows work for the reception of citizens, two citizens can be simultaneously in the room in relation to social distance. The Consulate General will welcome around 20 people a day.

The Consul General urged citizens to be attentive and drew attention to cases where citizens choose a consular action during registration and when they intervene on other matters.

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In Istanbul, most Ukrainian citizens now use the nationality registration service for the birth, registration and receipt of passports.

The Ukrainian consulate in Antalya resumed reception on May 20.

“The reception has been partially resumed. We are talking about documents only for citizens of Ukraine, we currently do not issue visas for foreigners. The reception is carried out with the restriction of the number of people simultaneously in the room. No more than one visitor a day, around 10, “Vyacheslav Khomenko, Ukrainian consul in Antalya, told the news agency.

According to him, in order to minimize repeated calls, after making an appointment, the consulate sends a detailed list of the documents necessary for consular action. This minimizes the time spent at the consulate.

The most popular consular services in Antalya are: passport registration and notarization of documents.

In the past day, 948 new cases of infection have been detected in Turkey, 28 people have died, 1492 have recovered. The number of new cases is steadily decreasing, as is the number of deaths and intensive care patients. Since June, the country has been preparing for the gradual start of the tourist season.

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