Ukrainian created a site where all government services are collected


Kiev Igor developed an aggregator of e-service category Ukrainian services

Ukrainian has created a unique site that collects all state online services

Ukrainian has on its initiative, an aggregator of all the country’s online services. Make. The platform is already functioning, it contains all the decisions of e-government. To find any e-service, you just need to visit the site and select the service of interest or the area in which you need to get it.

The main goal in e-village is the popularization of e-government services in Ukraine, training people in digitalization and simplifying the process of obtaining information. Indeed, now to find the desired service, it is enough to visit a site, and not to manually collect information on the Internet.

In total, 133 Ukrainian services in 19 different categories were collected on The site has filters and built-in search, which facilitates the task of finding essential services. In addition, it is possible to obtain a list of services available in a particular area.

To use a service, you have to select it on the site, after which the user will be sent to the official page of this service on the state domain.

The platform also supports the emergence of new services and accepts applications for small grants to implement solutions to real pressure problems in the Agov region. To be able to receive grants, it is necessary to have a minimally developed project concept that solves an obvious problem and can be extended, as well as a team that will show its ability to develop the project.

To post the missing service on the site, simply fill in the form and send an application to the team. Experts will examine it and add it if it meets the criteria.

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Recall that the government decided to simplify the provision of subsidy to the residents of the country. This applies to those who have been left without work and money in relation to quarantine measures and have already managed to register as unemployed.

So, in the Ministry of Economics he advised Ukrainians not to leave the house and apply for subsidies online. Apart from this, it also saves time. Detailed instructions were issued for Ukrainians.

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