Ukrainian customs change symbolism



Ukrainian customs change symbolism

The National Customs Service of Ukraine has launched the development of a new coat of arms, a flag for the department and a uniform for its employees.

This was reported by the press service of the National Customs Service on Facebook.

“Taking into account that the current emblem of the State Customs Service has elements inherent in the heraldry of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, the new customs have launched the development of a new emblem , flag and uniform for its employees, “the statement said.

As noted, the coat of arms in the form of a sapphire blue shield proposed for approval, in the center – the Golden Gate, the main gate of Kievan Rus.

Ukrainian customs change symbolism

“The first ideas on customs appeared at that time: a trade agreement in 911 between the prince of Kiev Oleg and the Byzantine emperor contained a mention of rights. The Russian Truth of Yaroslav the Wise, the most important collection of the old Russian law governing relations between Russia and neighboring peoples in the 11th and 12th centuries, also contained provisions on customs duties and tariffs. The Golden Gate was considered the main customs location during the time of Kievan Rus – in the descriptions often appear the concept of “customs warehouses”, informs the press service of the department.

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On the basis of this historical reference, the State customs service explains that the doors of the emblem symbolize the reliable protection of the customs territory of the State, the crossed keys which open and close the doors are the rights of entry and exit, and the trident is the sign of the princely state of Vladimir the Great.

The State Customs Service is now awaiting the approval of the coat of arms.

As reported by Ukrinform, on Thursday April 23, searches were carried out at the State Customs Service with the participation of the SBU and the State Security Bureau, and documents were seized on the new emblem of the customs.

According to the agency, in December 2019, the state customs service bought services for the development of symbols and concepts of a new form for customs worth nearly 30,000 UAH. The new concept of emblem, flag, shape and other heraldic elements for the State Customs Service of Ukraine was developed by Heraldry Chamber LLC Aleksey Rudenko and its partners. After approval by the Ministry of Finance, the Heraldic Commission and the President of Ukraine must approve the project of heraldic panels by decree.

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