Ukrainian customs databases are sold on the Internet: media reported real value



It has become known that Ukrainian customs databases are sold on the Internet. The cost of this type of information ranges from $ 100 to $ 400. Former customs chief Maxim Nefyodov confirmed this information

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This was reported by “Focus“, Reports” NPF “.

It should be noted that in the above tables, all data on operations carried out at the customs point are stored. Here you will find the names of the companies, their EDRPOU, the time and date of arrival, the registration of the goods units and much more.

It is known that on individual sites it is even possible to issue a special subscription, so you can download these tables once.

“We performed an audit of our systems in October of last year. It became clear to us where these bases for sale came from. I want to say that the whole audit process, as well as the modernization, has been sabotaged within our customs, “said Nefyodov.

At the same time, the former head of customs announced that it was impossible to know the names and surnames of those who contributed to the information leak.

“The systems do not have full logging. We cannot know who and when had access to this data. We have no technical documentation. About 2,000 to 3,000 people work in these systems daily, ”he concluded.

Recall that in 1905 the year came – Navalny reported total control of the population.



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