Ukrainian data leak via telegram: MP will send requests to SBU and police



Ukrainian data leak via telegram: MP will send requests to SBU and police

12/05/2020 16:14


The president of the political party Golos, Kira Rudik, plans to send requests for deputy to the Security Service of Ukraine and to the national police with a request to investigate the sale of personal data of Ukrainian citizens via a telegram bot.

She told journalists about it, reports the Ukrinform correspondent.

“The personal databases were not merged today and not yesterday. They have been working since the 2000s. This is why the data which is not yet in “Дії” – already exists in the merged databases. Diya uses existing registers and does not collect information. These registers are protected by the cybersecurity units of the SBU and the National Police. I am sending requests for information to the SBU and the national police asking them to investigate how this data appeared in the public domain, ”she said.

The deputy also said that the “Voice” is currently working on a bill on the protection of personal data.

“I understand that we are all waiting for super-cryptography and protection, but as long as a simple person with a USB flash drive breaks the level of security, there will be no business,” added Rudik.

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As indicated, the president of the public organization Electronic Democracy Volodymyr Flents announced on May 11 that a telegram bot appeared on the network which announced the sale of personal data of Ukrainian citizens. The bot is estimated to contain data from millions of Ukrainians registered in the Diya app.

However, Subsequently, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Digital Transformation, Mikhail Fedorov, denied counterfeits regarding the sale of Dії data.

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