Ukrainian drivers will be able to check the fine in the application


Service penalty UA added a new feature

Ukrainian drivers will be able to check the fine in the application. Photo:

Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and payment and information service Penalty UA launched an application with which drivers can pay fines for violating traffic rules and payment status by driver’s license number, tin or chain and fine number Can investigate. According to the creators of the application, it can now be done in one click.

According to the Petrol Police of Ukraine, in 2019, a driver fine in the amount of about 500 million UAH was issued. 40% of them were not paid on time and as a result drivers faced confiscation of property, bank accounts and other measures of influence. Many motorists were forced to pay the same penalty several times due to procedural errors. As UA Penalties notes, it is for these reasons that the service team will issue an updated application. Now in this you can not only pay the fine, but also see the status and payment history.

Sergey Goncharov
Deputy Minister of the Interior

According to the forum Opendatabot, Ukraine has 858 954 outstanding driver fines at all at the moment (that’s about 0.5 billion UAH). One of the major reasons is the complex payment process, which involves going through multiple instances. In addition, most fines are paid through banks, hung on Treasury’s accounts, but not automatically drawn into the police.

Denis Dimitrov
Founder of UA Penalty Service

The updated UA penalty application is already available for iOS (, this update for Android will be released in early May (

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It was previously reported that the Ministry of Digital Transformation would add the online payment function for penalties for the Dia application. Using state service, Ukrainian drivers will be able to check and pay fines. The dia application will display fines issued by the police directly to the driver’s place of stay and for offenses recorded in automatic mode or in photography mode. After the fine is issued, the driver will receive a related push notification.

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