Ukrainian financial companies will be able to expand the scope of activities


How will financial companies be able to expand their business?

The National Bank will expand the capabilities of financial companies. Photo:

The National Bank of Ukraine plans to allow non-banking financial companies to transfer their powers to each other for cash acceptance operations. For this, an agreement between the companies in itself would suffice.

As the NBU Press Service makes it clear, we are talking about non-banking financial institutions that have a license from the National Bank to transfer hryvnia funds without opening an account and payment organization and / or partner in the payment system Huh.

The National Bank emphasized that this change in the operation of accepting cash in hryvnias for their further transfers would allow companies to expand the scope of their business activities and allow consumers to choose convenient service points for them.

Relevant criteria include a draft resolution of NBU number 42, which is currently available for public discussion until 26 June.

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Earlier, the first deputy head of NBU Katerina Rozhkova expressed the view that banks should play an important role in identifying financial companies operating outside the legal sector. As an example, she cited the situation with B2B jewelry. “The bank ceased operations, blocking the company’s accounts using information from the KYC file. He saw a customer, who received money from individuals without a license. All information was transferred to law enforcement agencies and state financial surveillance.

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