Ukrainian Marines celebrate professional vacation



Ukrainian Marines celebrate professional vacation

Ukrainian Marines celebrate professional vacation

05/23.2020 08:45


On May 23, the Ukrainian Marines have a professional holiday – Marine Corps Day.

Marine Day was founded in 2014, and in 2014-2017 was celebrated on November 16. The effective date of the celebration is May 23, established by the decree of the President of Ukraine in 2018.

The history of the Ukrainian Marine Corps dates back to 1918, when on May 23, 1918, the hetman Skoropadsky issued a decree for the Maritime Department “At the start of the formation of a Marine Corps brigade composed of three regiments for service “. The first commander of the 1st Marine Regiment was Major (military foreman) Hilarion Isaevich. The following year, Simon Petliura gave the order to create the naval regiment. In March, the regiment was reorganized into the 1st Hutsul regiment of the Marine Corps of the active army of the UPR. Parts of the UNR Marine Corps participated in the first and second winter campaigns of the UNR army.

As far as our times are concerned, the day of the creation of the Marine Corps of modern Ukraine can be considered as February 22, 1992, when the 880th separate battalion under the command of Major Vitaliy Rozhmanov was sworn in to the people Ukrainian in Sevastopol. However, the command of the Black Sea fleet did not allow the transfer of marines under the jurisdiction of Ukraine. The battalion commander and his deputies were dismissed, the battalion dissolved and personnel transferred to other military units.

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On July 1, 1993, after the creation of the Ukrainian Naval Forces, the 1st Separate Maritime Battalion was formed in Sevastopol, in which the best officers of the Black Sea fleet were enlisted, who expressed the desire to serve l ‘Ukraine.

After the occupation of Crimea by Russia, the marines were redeployed to Nikolaev, there were fewer battalions. In no time at the new locations, the Marines regained their combat capabilities. A full-fledged Marine Corps brigade has been formed at Nikolaev and a new separate Marine Corps battalion has been established near Odessa.

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