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Some offshore companies established by Ukrainian authorities

The network leaked data on Ukrainian offshore companies. Photo:

American Journalist Emma Best and Lorex Horn’s Distributed Daniels of Secrets (DDoS) project have published 400,000 documents from the Register of Legal Institutions of the Bahamas. The data includes information about citizens of more than 100 countries who applied to register their business in the Caribbean. The “Ukrainian part” of the Bahamian Archive contains data from about 60 firms.

Most of them have been established by Ukrainians who are not involved in the government and are small businessmen. The rest have been set up by Ukrainian authorities, including:

Former MP and Businessman Konstantin Zvego – Founder of Pharma Distributing Corp. According to a comment by Zevago’s press service for Radio Liberty, the company ceased to exist, and was previously engaged in the distribution of drugs in Latin America and the Caribbean. Earlier we wrote that National Bank of Bank Finance and Credit Kostyantina Zhevago owes $ 6.7 billion. Also, in 2019, the State Bureau of Investigation raised the banker’s suspicion.

Head of state enterprise “Ukrspirt” Sergey Belskun – Drink Inc., director and president of the Bahamian Company. Since the early 2000s, he has been the founder of a subsidiary of Drinks Ukraine, which produces the juice brand Smack.

Former member of the region’s party and former head of the central exhibition complex Sergey Kivalov – Director of Golden Gate Bay Limited. In the “Register of Directors” section, in addition to them, Zakharia Kivan, Adnan Kivan and Irina Orekhova – head of the Kiev organization of the Ukrainian Maritime Party Kivalova and former wife of prosecutor Sergei Nechyporenko also appear.

Former Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Igor Urbanski And his son, deputy Alexander Arbanski – One of the founders of Real Estate Holding Limited.

Former head of the Consular and Legal Affairs Department of the Consular Services Department of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine Arseni Polozhi – Director of Detail Inc. As of 2012. Polozhi is currently researching the competitiveness of Ukrainian trade with USAID, the media says.

as reported Radio libertyIt is not a crime to register a company in offshore courts. It is a world practice that has developed for many reasons. For some, it is a matter of the convenient structure of their business, many are attracted to the service developed on “offshore” – here the registration of a company is usually quick, administration is simple. Most traders are attracted by low taxation and the ability to maintain complete anonymity.

In recent years, there have been a series of large-scale data leaks from offshore jurisdictions – Offshore Leaks, Bahamas Leaks, Panama Papers, Paradise Papers and others, publication notes.

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Last year, the Tax Justice Network, a British organization engaged in the fight against tax evasion, introduced ratings for offshore companies. This list includes 64 states and territories. The top 10 includes several foreign territories that are part of the Commonwealth of Nations, namely: Virgin, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. Also in the top ten rankings was Jersey – seventh and Bahamas – ninth.

Other countries in the top-10 of the list are Netherlands – 4th place, Switzerland – 5th place, Luxembourg – 6th place, Singapore – 8th place and Hong Kong – 10th.

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