Ukrainian operators will share mobile networks for 4G


Sharing telecom infrastructure will help companies to accelerate the deployment of 4G networks on rural areas and highways


Mobile operators Kievstar and Vodafone Ukraine signed a memorandum of understanding to share the passive and active infrastructure of their mobile networks. Thus, companies will use not only communication channels, but also base stations, as well as other devices. The result should be an acceleration of coverage of Ukraine with LTE technology.

Collaborating with the use of telecommunications infrastructure will allow operators to avoid duplication in the process of building the network, which will speed up the provision of access to 4G / LTE services for customers residing in sparsely populated areas. This is a strategically important issue for President Vladimir Zelensky and the government.

Alexander Shelter
Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Recall that according to the decision of the President of Ukraine “on some measures to improve access to mobile Internet”, mobile operators should provide 4G communications on major roads, with a population starting from 2,000 in the next few years.

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Earlier, telecom operators Kievstar, Vodafone Ukraine and Lifesale had initiated joint action to conduct radio frequency exchange in the 900 MHz band. As a result of the re-work, mobile operators will be able to implement 4G communications across the country, including settlements populated by more than 2,000 people, rural areas and roads.

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