Ukrainian polar explorer’s body to be delivered home in June – NASC



Ukrainian polar explorer's body to be delivered home in June - NASC

Ukrainian polar explorer’s body to be delivered home in June – NASC

05/19.2020 08:59


The body of Ukrainian polar explorer Vasily Omelyanovich, who committed suicide while at academician Vernadsky’s Antarctic station, will be delivered to Ukraine in June.

This was said in an interview by the public director of the National Antarctic Science Center of the Ministry of Education, Yevgeny Dikiy.

“Colleagues found Vasily during a morning tour. From 8 am for about an hour, the attendants tour the entire station. During such a detour, a body was found in one of the separate structures, the so-called carpentry workshop, removed from the residential complex. There they found a body. There has been an absolutely desperate attempt to resuscitate, ”said Wild.

He noted that after viewing the CCTV cameras, it became clear that the resuscitation was hopeless, as Omelyanovich had been dead for over an hour.

“Somewhere about 40 minutes, they tried to resuscitate, even if everything was already clear enough. When we realized that resuscitation was not the case, we took action: description of the body, photography, because it had to be repaired and everything had to be properly designed, ”explained Dikiy.

As for the funeral, he said, Basil had no plans to bury in Antarctica.

“We are working on Vasily’s return to Ukraine. Currently, the body is preserved, it is in a cold place, it is completely preserved. This also applies to the future forensic examination. However, the doctor at the station is not a medical examiner, so we want all procedures to be carried out in accordance with Ukrainian law until the end, and for this we have to deliver the body. Previously, one of the Antarctic programs that favored us already replied that it was considering the option of delivering the body of Vasily during the next flight of their icebreaker, which could take place in our region. Then they can pick up and deliver to the mainland, most likely, to the Republic of Chile, “said the head of the National Academy of Sciences.

According to him, the two embassies – in Chile and Argentina – have been notified, and then they have an established procedure for the repatriation of the body to Ukraine, they will contribute to it.

“According to the optimistic scenario, we hope that in June Vasily will find peace in his native country. It is an optimistic scenario. In any case, we are not planning a burial there and we will definitely deliver the body here, “said Wild.

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As reported, on May 8, at Akademik Vernadsky station, the cook of the 25th Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition Vasily Omelyanovich was killed. According to preliminary data, he committed suicide.

The man was on an expedition for the fifth time. Omelyanovich was born in 1985, lived in the city of Malin, Zhytomyr region. From its first wintering (2011, 16th UAE), it returned to Antarctica many times (participant of the 18th, 20th and 23rd UAE). The fifth winter was the last for him.

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