Ukrainian scientists sound the alarm: state has completely abandoned core science funding



In 2020, Ukrainian science will be completely left without core funding. The revision of the state budget has resulted in an acute knowledge crisis. Scientists will only be able to receive competitive funding.

State budget of Ukraine
The state budget of Ukraine. Photo –

It is reported ZN, UA, reports “MFN”.

Yulia Bezvershenko, PhD in physics and mathematics, expert from the NGO Real Changes, notes that the amendments to the state budget of Ukraine for 2020 have caused a serious blow to domestic science.

“Cutting funding for science has become extremely painful. Absolute zero for basic funding of scientific and technical activities. The 220139 program has been developed and will become the main source of research funding for higher education establishments. Funding will be determined based on their activities for the previous period. The prospects for researchers are becoming very bleak, ”she said.

Bezvershenko notes that only the best researchers will stay afloat, but the competitive base is absolutely unable to cover the loss of 400 million hryvnia that domestic science will not receive.

Let us recall, as indicated above, the new separatism in Ukraine: the incompetence of the authorities can lead to severe measures in certain regions.

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