Ukrainian series star Fedor Dobronravov received an order from Putin



Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree granting the People’s Friendship Order to the famous actor and star of the popular Ukrainian television series “Matchmakers” Fedor Dobronravov.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

“Matchmaker” hero Fedor Dobronravov has become an order bearer. Photo:

The text of the decree can be read on the Internet portal of the national legal information system of the Russian Federation.

With Dobronravov, the prizes were also awarded to the star of the film “Intergirl” and the series “Kamenskaya” Elena Yakovleva and the actress Svetlana Ryabova.

The Russian actor does not comment on the situation with the price, but answered the question of whether he was ready to participate in the filming of the sequel to “Matchmakers”.

“If the“ Matchmakers ”become at least a small drop of what will be used for the reconciliation of our peoples, then I will be happy. But so far I have no specific information: will there be fire, how and when ”, – said Dobronravov.

Earlier, it was reported that NATO had taken Putin in a lie and warned of the consequences.

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