Ukrainian state bank card detained fraudsters


Police seized dozens of fake cards of criminals

Ukraine’s largest bank has detained card fraudsters. Photo:

In Kiev, during a special operation of PrivatBank Security Service, fraudsters were detained who used fake cards of Ukrainian banks to withdraw cash from ATMs. This edition of PaySpace magazine reported the press service of the financial institution.

According to PrivatBank, fraudulent transactions with fake cards were recorded at an ATM in Kiev by an online transaction security monitoring system. Information about the carders was quickly transferred to the bank’s security service, and as a result of a joint operation with the police, a fraudster was safely and safely detained at an ATM, and the cards of customers of Ukrainian banks and their PIN codes 32 plastic cards with data from were seized.

The person detained was a resident of Odessa region. Along with another member of the criminal group, he arranged for the issuance of counterfeit cards by stealing data from special devices and customers of Ukrainian banks. During the search, another 33 fake payment cards and cash were seized in the criminals’ car.

Photo: Privbank’s press service

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Earlier, we wrote that in the Dnipropetrovsk region, cyber police detained fraudsters who stole citizens’ money on their website under the guise of selling household items of well-known brands.

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