Ukrainians are not invited to travel to Beijing due to the repeated COVID-19 epidemic



Ukrainians are not invited to travel to Beijing due to the repeated COVID-19 epidemic

Ukrainians are not invited to travel to Beijing due to the repeated COVID-19 epidemic

06/17.2020 11:38


The Ukrainian Embassy in China advises Ukrainians not to travel to Beijing due to the introduction of Level II emergency intervention in the city due to a repeated epidemic of coronavirus.

The diplomatic mission published this recommendation on June 17.

The embassy said that on June 11 in Beijing, for the first time in 56 days, a case of coronavirus was diagnosed. For the incomplete week that has passed since that date, 138 infected citizens have been identified across the Chinese capital. Local authorities link the outbreak to the large wholesale food market in Xinfadi, located in Fengtai.

“As part of this (epidemic) – the Chinese authorities have introduced a level II emergency response in Beijing and have taken urgent anti-epidemic measures: in approximately 7,200 residential areas (communities) of the Fengtai district, near 100,000 epidemic control officers were dispatched and the microdistricts themselves were transferred to the “wartime control regime”. Disinfection of 276 food markets in the capital and 33,173 catering establishments. Over 200,000 people have been tested for the presence of nucleic acids in the virus. The interstate transport connection with the capital is limited and classes in Beijing schools, which have already returned to normal, have been interrupted, “the statement said.

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According to the diplomatic mission, despite the fact that the number of patients identified in Beijing against the background of the global number of cases of coronavirus (about 8 million) seems scarce, the Chinese authorities are extremely concerned about the current situation.

In this regard, the Ukrainian Embassy in the PRC reminded its compatriots in China of their previous recommendations:

– join to WeChat Group “Protection»According to the province of his stay;

– refrain from traveling to Beijing for the moment, and if you are in the capital of China, if possible, stay at home and limit contact with other citizens;

– respect the rules of personal hygiene and social distance and use personal protective equipment in public places;

– Strictly apply the recommendations of local authorities.

In case of discomfort or the appearance of flu or SARS symptoms, you must minimize contact with other people, immediately contact the nearest medical institution and inform the embassy by calling the “hot line” (+ 86) 137 0123 0647.

As reported, on the morning of June 17, nearly 8.27 million cases of coronavirus infection were detected worldwide, of which more than 446,000 were fatal.

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