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According to the poll, more and more Ukrainians are disappointed by the actions of Vladimir Zelensky, whom he executes as head of state.

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On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “Socis“.

As noted in the company, the population critically assesses the first year of President Zelenskgo. Confidence in Vladimir Alexandrovich has decreased considerably compared to September 2019. For example, Ukrainians think:

  • disappointment – 28.8% (instead of 7%)
  • despair – 6.2% (was 2.8%)
  • apathy – 3.7% (instead of 1.9%)

But the positive emotions linked to Zelensky’s presidency among the Ukrainians, on the contrary, have diminished:

  • people who believe that Zelensky will be a successful president – 51.3% (instead of 74.7%)
  • people who place their hopes on Zelensky – 28.5% (instead of 45.5%)
  • people who call their vote for Zelensky a mistake – 29.2% (instead of 14.2%)
  • people who believe Zelensky made more mistakes than wins as president – 37.9% (up 13.9%)

In addition, most of those interviewed believe that Zelensky is not living up to his promises at all.

Recall that we wrote earlier that almost 60% of Ukrainians trust Zelensky.



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