Ukrainians evaluate the country’s economic situation


More than half of the respondents are dissatisfied with the activities of the President and the Cabinet.

How Ukrainians assess the country’s economic situation. Photo:

At the end of June, two-thirds of Ukrainians noted a decline in the country’s economic situation in the past six months, with almost a quarter believing it had not changed, and 9% had improved. This is evidenced by the results of a recent survey of the sociological group “ratings”.

Therefore, according to the data obtained, half of the respondents said that their own family’s financial situation was deteriorating, with about 40% saying that there was no change, 9% saw improvement. Over the next six months, about 40% of Ukraine’s economic situation is expected to decline, with 31% – no change, 17% – improving.

53% of the respondents believe that due to the incompetence of the authorities there can be an economic crisis. 32% – that cause may be coronovirus, only 6% – that the crisis may cause war in Donbas.

According to the survey, 52% of Ukrainians surveyed are unhappy with the activities of President Vladimir Zelensky. There were 36% of satisfied respondents.

The work of the president of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmitry Razumkov, 21% are satisfied, 51% are dissatisfied, 28% were unable to evaluate their work.

In general, only 9% of survey participants were satisfied with the work of Parliament, 76% rated it negatively. At the same time, 9% expressed satisfaction with the activities of Dennis Shimgal, the head of government (56% were dissatisfied, with 36% finding it difficult to evaluate). Only 8% are satisfied with cabinet work, 71% are dissatisfied, one in five did not answer this question.

The survey “rating” was conducted from 24 June to 28 June, with the exception of territories occupied by 2 thousand respondents throughout Ukraine. The error of representation ability of the study does not exceed 2.2%, with a confidence probability of 0.95.

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Earlier, we reported that in order to maintain the economy, Vladimir Zelensky decided to replace all law enforcement units involved in economic crimes with a single financial investigative body and took the initiative to build a financial center in the capital, Kyiv City. The President also supported the replacement of income tax with a tax on the withdrawn capital.

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