Ukrainians hailed Zelensky’s first year in office: neither bad nor bad



The Razumkov Center asked Ukrainians how they assess Zelensky’s first year in office as President of Ukraine.

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About this writes “MFN”, referring to Razumkov Center.

The survey results showed that, in most cases, Zelensky’s first year is rated well. If we consider specific numbers, the results are as follows:

  • neither bad nor good – 33.7%
  • good – 28.2%
  • bad – 14.3%
  • very bad – 13.3%
  • very good – 8.5%
  • difficult to answer – 2%

In addition, people were asked who the head of state primarily protects:

  • interests of Ukraine – 50%
  • own interests – 33.1%
  • difficult to answer – 16.8%

If we assess power as a whole, then the opinion of respondents was divided as follows:

  • current government is no different from previous one – 38.6%
  • the current government is better than the previous one – 37.7%
  • the current government is worse than the previous one – 15.6%
  • difficult to answer – 8%

At the same time, most Ukrainians admit that all attempts by the authorities to improve the situation in the country are unsuccessful: 62.7% share this opinion. But 25.2% are confident that the authorities do nothing good, but only imitate attempts to do something. Only 8.7% are convinced that the authorities do a lot of good and do everything.

As for Zelensky’s campaign promises, people are sure that:

  • will do the most – 32.7
  • will perform a smaller portion – 30.7%
  • will barely fill – 25.2%
  • fully comply – 3.5%
  • difficult to answer – 7.9%

The survey was carried out from April 24 to April 29, 2020 by telephone interview. The survey was followed by 2,056 respondents from different regions of Ukraine (with the exception of ORDLO and AR Crimea).

Recall that we wrote earlier that 50% of Ukrainians do not trust Zelensky.



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