Ukrainians have changed their attitude towards Europe: opinion poll revealed people’s opinion



It became known that the Ukrainians began to less support Europe and its path. So, for example, last year up to 56% of Ukrainian citizens expressed support for the EU, but in 2020 that figure fell to 51%.

The European Union
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This information was reported by correspondents “Today“, Reports” NPF “.

It should be noted that up to 64% voted in favor of the fact that Ukraine today maintains good relations with the European Union. In addition, up to 66% of respondents trust the EU. However, in Ukraine, up to 26% of people think that the Eurasian Economic Union is the best alternative for the country.

Interestingly, less than half of the respondents (49%) thought that EU support was ineffective. In this context, this indicator has decreased by more than 8% over 4 years.

Thus, according to experts, every year people lose confidence and support in the European Union. However, while many still view Europe as a good friend for Ukraine.

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