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Was the coin recognized as the best by Ukrainians

Ukraine’s best coin: The first results of the competition are announced. Photo:

The National Bank of Ukraine summarized the results of the first stage of the annual competition “Ukraine’s Best Coin of the Year” for 2019. This was reported on the NBU website.

Such commemorative coins received the most votes by two nominations, “Best Coin of the Year” and “Best Subject Disclosure”.

“Best coin of the year”:

  1. “Provision of tomos on autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine” (silver, face value 20 hryvnia) – 16.14% of the total number of votes
  2. “White Tailed Eagle” (Nickel Silver, Denomination 2 Hingranias) – 12.38% of the total number of votes
  3. A set of commemorative coins “pectoral” (silver, a set of four coins (each) with a face value of 10 coins – 7.21% of the total number of votes

“Best Topic Revealed”:

  1. “Earth-nurse” (silver, face value 10 hryvnia) – 15.02% of the total number of votes
  2. “Provision of tomos on autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine” (nickel silver, face value 5 hryvnia) – 6.91% of the total number of votes
  3. “Cold Dude” (nickel silver, face value 5 hryvnia) – 6.26% of the total number of votes.

The remaining coins, for which the Ukrainians voted, did not reach the second stage according to the terms of the competition.

Recall that the first phase of the competition was held from 3 February to 6 April 2020. During this period, three coins were determined by voting, which produced the largest number of votes in each of the two nominations. More than 2 thousand people voted in the competition. The questionnaire was collected in specially furnished boxes, which were set up in the premises of distributing banks of National Ukraine (60%), as well as numismatists of Ukraine (18%), obtained by e-mail (22%) it was done. Soon there will be a second phase of the competition, during which members of the commission specially created by secret ballot will determine the best coin for 2019.


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On September 2, 1996, the National Bank introduced the coins of modern Ukraine. The first commemorative coins were issued by the National Bank of Ukraine in 1995 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. Since then, the NBU has put more than 680 commemorative coins in circulation. Annually, on an average 35 to 40 types of commemorative coins are issued. Click here for a selection of the most beautiful coins in Ukraine from Pespace magazine.

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